West Sussex Dentist Provides Half Price Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is an excellent way to whiten your teeth if you feel they are too dark, yellow or discoloured. Having a brighter and whiter smile boost confidence and allows you to smile again without having to feel embarrassed or ashamed of your dark teeth.

At St James Practice in West Sussex we provide 2 types of teeth whitening which give you excellent choice, both as to the time you need to commit to the treatment and the cost.

What are the advantages of Home Teeth Whitening?

This is an excellent method of whitening teeth as it allows you total and complete control over how white your teeth go. The advantages are:

  1. You are in complete control over how white your teeth go
  2. You can stop at any time if it gets too sensitive
  3. Home teeth whitening is generally a lower cost option
  4. It is a simple and easy process for you to go through in the comfort of your own home

What are the advantages of Zoom Power Tooth Whitening?

Zoom power whitening is our ‘in surgery’ whitening system and has the following advantages:

  1. The tooth whitening process is quick and simple
  2. You can have whiter teeth in around an hour – great for last minute whitening
  3. The zoom tooth whitening system has been used world wide for many years
  4. It is convenient as you only need one whitening appointment

More and more people nowadays are opting for whiter teeth with teeth whitening. And now with St James Practice in West Sussex you can also enjoy whiter teeth simply and easily.

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